Monday, November 7, 2011

t's winter lookbook

awhile back i had a girls day with a girlfriend of mine and her super cute baby girl. we may have gone a little crazy shopping at my home away from home which i later suffered from in the form of buyers remorse. i later had even worse buyers remorse when my argument of "but hun, look at all the stuff i got for that much. it's really a steal!" didn't work on the hubs (its almost as if he's heard that one before....). until recently my purchases have been tucked away in the back of t's closet just waiting for an excuse to be worn. with the cold front that rolled in last night and our upcoming vacations up north and to seattle i couldn't wait to try out his winter wardrobe. so because i couldn't wait i assembled a winter look book for him. because that's what all mamas do right???

a lot of his winter clothes are still a tad too big which is surprising since in true ili fashion he no longer fits in anything smaller than 6-9 months (yowzer!). i had a plethora (dont you just love that word?) of other winter looks for him to try on but after the first few he started to get cranky (diva!!). i can't blame him though cause i was fussing over him pretty badly. i can't help it, look at those cheeks. they just beg to be smothered with kisses.


mindy said...

Oh my gosh! Hes so freakin cute! Love all the clothes! U better tell me what size onesie he is in now so I can actually make one that fits!

Aston Family said...

Hahahaha love his winter look! He is such a cutie! Hope you guys had a blast!! Let's please get together soon!