Saturday, November 19, 2011

the lovebirds in us.

remember our family date we took? well that night me and the hubs had our own date. it had been a long time since me and the hubs had some alone time and we needed it. we couldn't help but act like a giddy teenage couple. we were laughing none stop. our night went something like this...
  • went to the keg to eat
  • read the menu outside the keg and turned around (thirty bucks for a plate of food? no thanks)
  • went across the street to kona grill
  • kept saying how fancy we felt (that's how long it's been since we've been out. kona grill made us feel fancy)
  • ordered our food (i had pad thai, he had macadamia chicken)
  • made each other laugh
  • he told me he could not blink for two minutes
  • i timed him not blinking
  • he kept trying and kept blinking without realizing it
  • we kept laughing
  • made a bet with him that if he could do it i'd buy him some new shorts
  • he accidentally blinked again
  • we laughed some more
  • made a deal that if i could hold my breath for forty five seconds he'd buy me a new skirt
  • made the deal and won the skirt
  • food came and it was delicious. he let me have his string beans
  • i ordered dessert (macadamia nut pie)
  • he tried to not blink again and made it to a minute twenty when the dessert came. i stopped timing.
  • paid the check
  • walked to the theater
  • bought our tickets for the seven o'clock show of breaking dawn part one (he's a good sport)
  • walked around to kill some time
  • went into a skate shop to look at trucks and wheels for his long board
  • felt really old around all the high school kids in the store (especially the twelve year old that worked there and was talking to the hubs about skate brands. okay so he wasn't twelve but he looked like it)
  • went into the puppy store
  • held a puppy on our way out
  • went to watch our movie
  • laughed throughout the movie on the cheesiness of it all
  • walked to our car holding hands and smooching
  • drove to pick up baby T blasting jay z and kayne just because we felt rebellious
  • promised to have rad date nights once a month
  • snuggled baby T as soon as we picked him up because we missed him pretty bad

fell in love with the hubs all over again :)

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