Monday, January 19, 2009

The Perfect Day

A LOT has happened since my last blog. Probabaly the biggest change.....I am now Mrs. DJ Reynolds! The wedding day that has been in the works forever and starting to drive everyone crazy from planning it finally arrived and passed. Way to fast I think now that it's gone. There were so many moments when I was fed up with planning and annoyed of all the details and blah blah blah but man was it so worth it! The day couldn't have been any more perfect. The whole week leading up to it and the days following after couldn't have been either actually.

I had many family and friends fly in to help out and be a part of the special day. Our house was crammed but I love it when it gets like that! I had the Noa family from Vegas and the Heimuli's and some of my Frieszell cousins and my Aunty Vera all of which came from Washington. My Uncle and his wife and daughter came from Atlanta, Georgia. Jaba and Suzie, which aren't from out of town but still I feel I should include them.My cousins Sunshine and Lei and Lehi from Utah came down and even my dad from Hawaii. I'm almost positive I left someone out which just drives my point home that I got to be around so much family during this important time in my life and it made it that much more sweeter!

The day started off early with waking up to get ready for the temple after getting only 4 hours of sleep! I guess that's what I get for waiting till the last minute to put together the music playlist for the entire reception. It was a little hectic getting ready with a full house and getting off to the temple. There were a few bumpy patches (my mom had lost her temple recommend and almost wasn't able to see me get married!) but all was worked out and it was a beautiful morning! After getting married we all came back to the house. I really wanted to take a nap before my one of my girlfriends showed up to do my hair at 12 but I should of known that wasn't going to happen. DJ and I were so busy running around trying to help everyone help us. I still rememeber the shock on my girlfriend Hailey's face when she arrived to do my hair. "Wow, it's pretty crazy...there's a lot of people...." was along the lines of what she said. Once again everything seemed to fall in place just in time for pictures before the reception. I'm going to take this moment and brag about how cute my bridesmaids looked in their outfits! I'm pretty proud about what I picked out!! The reception was a blast and I can honestly say I danced the ENTIRE time. There are so many memories and details about that day and even throughout the week and I hope so much that I can remember the majority of them for years to come.

But I dedicate this blog once again to my reoccurring theme, families. Without my wonderful family, extended, immediate, and new this day wouldn't have been as awesome as it was. Everyone helped out so much in any way they could. My friends were amazing as well and have been all the years I've known them. I love my husband so INCREDIBLY much. I think he's the sexiest, smartest, funniest, most charming, down-to-earth guy now being married a mere 2 weeks and I'll say it again 20,40, 60 years from now. I love my husband and I truly hit the jackpot.