Thursday, April 9, 2009

our twin boys

DJ and I have been talking about getting a dog for quite some time and decided last Thursday to go to the Pound after I got out of school and he was off work. So we did and for any of you who have not been to the Pound it is an extremely sad place. We went to go look and we were able to interact with a bunch of different dogs, both puppies and adult dogs, that we were interested in. We didn't really seem to connect to any of them though and after being there for nearly 2 hours we decided to head home. I wanted to take one more round about the kennels though in case we forgot any of the ones we were interested in and just that happened. There was a litter of four puppies that we had looked at earlier but forgot after we moved on to the other kennels. We saw these puppies again and decided to give it on last shot and ask one of the workers if we could interact with them. So I picked out the one I liked, the spotted and freckled puppy that ran to the front of the kennel everytime I came over, and DJ picked out his favorite, the big lazy tan one that was sleeping the whole time. The worker handed us each the one we liked and left to give me and DJ some time to play with the puppies and choose which one we wanted. Note to reader: THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS. how in the world are you supposed to pick between two puppies? These were our thoughts exactly. So we did what any strong and smart newlywed couple would do...........we took them both. :) DJ and I ended up driving seperately because I had come straight from school. On the way home I was having second thoughts. My number one am I going to love these dogs as much as I love my other dogs? Rex and Teddy are the dogs that I've grown up with and to say that I am obsessed with them is an understatement. I love them so so much that I was scared I wouldn't be able to love my new little puppies. But it's been almost a week now and all my worries were unnecessary. I love both my puppies who I have started to refer to as my two sons ( see the obsessiveness coming out in me?) and I still make time to go over and see my Rex and Teddy at my mom's house because I still very much love them. I guess what I've learned from this new experience and turn of events is that this must be (very slightly however) how a parent feels when they are about to have another child. Do parents worry that they won't be able to love their next child because their love their firtborn so much already? I'm no parent yet but if I'm like this with my dogs then i can only imagine....

Tank fell asleep with his tongue out, melted my heart!

They were scared of going up and down the stairs so we put them up there to see what they'd do and they were wussies
Weezy wasn't feeling good his first couple days home. He had kennel cough and was on antibiotics. He was still the cutest lil sleeper though