Friday, February 15, 2013

V day

Hope you had a happy day full of love yesterday! Valentines Day is my second favorite holiday (with Halloween being my first) and we milked the whole day by filling it with endless smooches, card making, present giving, snuggling, and a sugar induced coma come seven o'clock that night. what can I say, we love love over here at the Reynolds house!

(forgive the nose trimmer gift. Talis broke DJ's a while ago so it was more of like a long over due replacement gift)

(we ran into good friends getting supplies for sugar cookie making and Talis and Brazia greeted each other with some Valentines smooches)
(pan 1/5 of sugar cookies, I never want to eat a sugar cookie again....)

Thanks for the flowers my love!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Conquering the Day

Yesterday I got to watch my friend's little newborn girl all day. She thinks I was doing her a favor but she was the one doing me the favor. I'm so nervous about soon juggling two kids that it was a good practice run for me. And I have to say I am impressed with how I did. Not only did I get Talis dressed for the day before ten o'clock (it's the small victories people) but I also showered, got kind of ready for the day, kept the house clean (major victory since I stayed up till midnight the night before cleaning), took them both on a walk to the park, and made a really delicious dinner which required the grill and some prep work. Oh and did I mention that I somehow managed to have them both napping at the same time?! There's hope for me yet. It was a good practice run for what's to come in the next two months but until then I'm taking every chance to nap I can. I may of exceeded my own expectations of being able to handle both a toddler and newborn but by three o'clock I was exhausted. There's no downtime with two littles. So if you need me I'll most likely be snuggled up in bed napping.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Birthday weekender

We got the honor of celebrating DJ's birth this weekend! In my opinion getting to spoil your lover on their special day is just as good as getting spoiled on your special day...almost. DJ's birthday fell on a Saturday this year. So I snuck out of bed early Saturday morning to cook him breakfast in bed and to get together the little gift I had planned for him which proved to be harder then I anticipated since the helium tank I got the night before ended up being completely empty and Talis had the attitude of "it's my party I can cry if I want to." And just when I was about to loose my mind with a crying clingy toddler and breakfast slowly burning on the stove DJ came downstairs. I guess he missed the note I left by him telling him to stay in bed until I came and got him. He must have seen right through my attempted facial expression of "it's cool, I can handle all this chaos right now" and smiled and brought Talis back upstairs with him so I could salvage what was left of my birthday morning surprise for him. He's so sweet. He not only played along (he knows how down I get when my surprises don't work out) but he kept gushing about how much he enjoyed his gift of special messages from friends and family I gathered of why they love him so much. We spent the rest of the day going to a movie, getting free birthday food at Joe's Farm Grill, and relaxing. And when I say relaxing I really mean me because when we came home from lunch I was exhausted and birthday boy let me take a three hour nap while he played outside with Talis. I'm telling ya, he is the best. Happy birthday DJ, we sure are glad you were born.

And then we finished our birthday weekender by watching the Ravens win the SuperBowl. DJ was one happy camper this weekend and he sure deserved every bit of it.