Thursday, February 7, 2013

Conquering the Day

Yesterday I got to watch my friend's little newborn girl all day. She thinks I was doing her a favor but she was the one doing me the favor. I'm so nervous about soon juggling two kids that it was a good practice run for me. And I have to say I am impressed with how I did. Not only did I get Talis dressed for the day before ten o'clock (it's the small victories people) but I also showered, got kind of ready for the day, kept the house clean (major victory since I stayed up till midnight the night before cleaning), took them both on a walk to the park, and made a really delicious dinner which required the grill and some prep work. Oh and did I mention that I somehow managed to have them both napping at the same time?! There's hope for me yet. It was a good practice run for what's to come in the next two months but until then I'm taking every chance to nap I can. I may of exceeded my own expectations of being able to handle both a toddler and newborn but by three o'clock I was exhausted. There's no downtime with two littles. So if you need me I'll most likely be snuggled up in bed napping.

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Huston Farnsworth said...

you are going to be a great mama with two little ones. and if you need help me and maylie will come and play. im jealous you got to babysit skout she is a doll!!! I am getting eager for your suprise to join us! cant wait to know what it is!! Love you girlie. we need to get together soon!