Monday, February 4, 2013

Birthday weekender

We got the honor of celebrating DJ's birth this weekend! In my opinion getting to spoil your lover on their special day is just as good as getting spoiled on your special day...almost. DJ's birthday fell on a Saturday this year. So I snuck out of bed early Saturday morning to cook him breakfast in bed and to get together the little gift I had planned for him which proved to be harder then I anticipated since the helium tank I got the night before ended up being completely empty and Talis had the attitude of "it's my party I can cry if I want to." And just when I was about to loose my mind with a crying clingy toddler and breakfast slowly burning on the stove DJ came downstairs. I guess he missed the note I left by him telling him to stay in bed until I came and got him. He must have seen right through my attempted facial expression of "it's cool, I can handle all this chaos right now" and smiled and brought Talis back upstairs with him so I could salvage what was left of my birthday morning surprise for him. He's so sweet. He not only played along (he knows how down I get when my surprises don't work out) but he kept gushing about how much he enjoyed his gift of special messages from friends and family I gathered of why they love him so much. We spent the rest of the day going to a movie, getting free birthday food at Joe's Farm Grill, and relaxing. And when I say relaxing I really mean me because when we came home from lunch I was exhausted and birthday boy let me take a three hour nap while he played outside with Talis. I'm telling ya, he is the best. Happy birthday DJ, we sure are glad you were born.

And then we finished our birthday weekender by watching the Ravens win the SuperBowl. DJ was one happy camper this weekend and he sure deserved every bit of it.

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