Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BIG testimony builder

These past weeks and especially the past few days my testimony has grown so much. Without getting to personal about my life there are some events that have happened that make me know without a doubt that Heavenly Father provides oppurtunities to his children at his own will and timeline and eventhough this has been frustrating for me to comprehend at times I have never had the utmost comfort and peaceful feeling in my heart about this simple principle as I have in the past couple days. I feel as if I'm not describing how I feel accurately but that is the best I can do. I know that our Heavenly Father will help everything workout if we are diligent and faithful in him and I know this without a flinching doubt!! I love our gospel and feel so blessed to be able to grow up a member and have it in my life!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

my laptop doesn't like me

I had typed up this long post and then my stupid computer shutdown all of a sudden to update something, super frustrating. so the condensed version goes a little something like this:

The Vegas trip was really fun this weekend. The reception was SO cute and my cousin Josh looked so happy with his new wife Carlie. Not to mention DJ and I won 20 bucks playing roulette! Which I'm thinking is starting to become a tradition for us when we go to Vegas because we played roulette there last time and have been wanting to play it ever since. (This is probabaly why gambling is bad for you, ooops!)

 My best friend Mataya found out where her husband will be playing football. The Pittas will be in Maryland  and while this means Taya won't be close by so that we can play (yes i still use the word play like i'm 7 years old) I will have to settle for talking on the phone :)

 This weekend we might go camping. I'm crossing my fingers that it actually ends up happening though. I've been wanting to go camping for quite sometime now and anybody that knows me knows that once i set my mind on something i won't stop (or be annoying about it) until it happens.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

hello and later

This weekend is coming to it's end and man was it an eventful one! Vegas was a success. We had fun but its always so good to come home:) So because of that this post is short cause I'd rather relax at home than blog so BOOYAH!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Mursday

This picture has nothing to do with my blog post but when I was looking on my computer for a picture of all us girls I stumbled upon this picture of me when I was little and it made me laugh so hopefully it will do the same to you. Notice how my shoes are on the wrong feet? :)

*sidenote* I am excited to announce that I got my duvet cover. I am so excited to put in on my bed and see how it looks. My sweet husband didn't even put up a fight when I mentioned returning the mini Christmas trees and we didn't even have to pay a dime cause we still had more money left in giftcards then I thought. Oh happy day :)

 Tonight is my girl Kelsey's bridal shower. As of May 20th she will be married in the Mesa, AZ temple and then all four of us best friends growing up (Brooke, Mataya, Kelsey, and myself) will all be married. Just thinking about it makes me rememeber when we were younger and we'd take hours getting ready together at one another's house to go out on the weekends, sleepovers that usually consisted of some sort of dance being made up, the boys we kissed and then would tell, and all the fun adventures we had. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had girls like them for good friends!! So tonight I wish good luck to my dear friend Kelsey as she gets ready to become a bride, to the Suns who are in the 3rd game in their series against Portland, and to my girl Mataya who is waiting anxiously with her hubby and family to find out in the draft who her hubby will be playing for. Hopefully it will be close by so I can visit her!! Till next time blogger world......

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BB& sly dog you

So DJ and I got so much money in giftcards at BB&B for our wedding that up until a while ago we would go there solely to use up all of our giftcard money there. Just to give you an idea of how much that was....we've been married for about a year and a half . Recently however we are coming to an end of this fun habit because our giftcard money is almost depleted. It hasn't really been a big deal because lately we haven't found anything there to carelessly spend our money on (DJ went overboard getting Christmas decorations and lights there in December and I just had to have this $60 fondue pot) but then I saw this, and I'm in LOVE!!! Not only is it unbelievably hard to find things in grey and/or yellow that don't look tacky or aren't super expensive but bedding was the hardest. Our bedroom colors that we are decorating our bedroom are grey, yellow, and white and this duvet cover set would go perfectly! Why is it that whenever you need something you can't find it but then when you do, you never have the calause!! haha but I am determined! I hope DJ won't miss his mini Christmas trees....perhaps I could take those back to get the duvet cover. Besides isn't a bedroom bed more utilized then Christmas decorations?? I think so :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

i'm starving

I am at school waiting for my mother to pick me up, long story short my car was totaled in a car accident and we haven't received insurance money to get a new car yet and my sweet husband is at work and this is all I can think about..... I'M SO HUNGRY!!! Chipotle or Costa Vida...yumm the longer I wait the more Chipotle AND Costa Viva together is sounding good! Don't judge me. I know you all have a fat girl inside of you too

why do I even have a blog?

I haven't updated our blog nor even been on blogspot in so long that I am wondering why I even have a blog. To update you all on what's happened since the last post which I don't know how long ago was I've tried to compile it all in one short list. So here is goes:
1. Went to Hawaii for our family reuion. It was DJ's first trip and we had so much fun.
2. Our dogs are bigger and crazier and funner then ever

3. School for me has ended, started back up again, and now with the end of semester approaching will soon be ending again.

4. We had an awesome Christmas and me and DJ enjoyed spoiling eachother this year. We threw a Christmas party for friends and had a blast.

5. We've made 2 Vegas trips and will make one again this weekend for my cousin's wedding

6. Got in a car accident that totaled my car and resulted in me having to get surgery :(

7. Me and DJ have started to get into hiking and go every weekend we are able to.

8. Have attended numerous weddings of friends and family and everytime we are in the sealing room I remember the day I was married to my sweetheart :)

9. DJ and his dad put in nice new baseboard, chair railing, and detailing all downstairs and in our bedroom and it looks amazing. We've painted and started to decorate our master but it's been a slow process so we aren't quite done yet

10. We have been put into nursery and we love our calling

This list doesn't do us justice for all the stuff we've been up to this past year but it's the jist of it I guess. From here on out I am going to be a better blogger! hopefully.... :)

A glimpse at our family photo at the end of the year 2009 :)

Hiking pictures from hiking Dutchman's Trail and Peralta
Pictures from our Hawaii trip.....oh I wish we could have just stayed there !

Our Christmas picture that was on our Christmas card (the one with us in footies) and me getting to makeout with Santa (my sexy husband) at our Christmas party. Notice Nicole Letner in the background looking at her finger? She just got proposed to :) Congrats Ryan and Nicole who got married last weekend!