Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BB& sly dog you

So DJ and I got so much money in giftcards at BB&B for our wedding that up until a while ago we would go there solely to use up all of our giftcard money there. Just to give you an idea of how much that was....we've been married for about a year and a half . Recently however we are coming to an end of this fun habit because our giftcard money is almost depleted. It hasn't really been a big deal because lately we haven't found anything there to carelessly spend our money on (DJ went overboard getting Christmas decorations and lights there in December and I just had to have this $60 fondue pot) but then I saw this, and I'm in LOVE!!! Not only is it unbelievably hard to find things in grey and/or yellow that don't look tacky or aren't super expensive but bedding was the hardest. Our bedroom colors that we are decorating our bedroom are grey, yellow, and white and this duvet cover set would go perfectly! Why is it that whenever you need something you can't find it but then when you do, you never have the calause!! haha but I am determined! I hope DJ won't miss his mini Christmas trees....perhaps I could take those back to get the duvet cover. Besides isn't a bedroom bed more utilized then Christmas decorations?? I think so :)


Tahnee said...

Haha we got so much $ there too!! But that is so freaking cute!! I love it :)

Winn & Holly Workman said...

that is so cute! take back the christmas trees if you need too cause you should get that! ha!

hkfarnsworth said...

you me and yellow!!! i LOVE it! ps.. we still have tons of money for there too! crazy crazy! love you!:) and miss you! glad you found the blogging world again!