Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Mursday

This picture has nothing to do with my blog post but when I was looking on my computer for a picture of all us girls I stumbled upon this picture of me when I was little and it made me laugh so hopefully it will do the same to you. Notice how my shoes are on the wrong feet? :)

*sidenote* I am excited to announce that I got my duvet cover. I am so excited to put in on my bed and see how it looks. My sweet husband didn't even put up a fight when I mentioned returning the mini Christmas trees and we didn't even have to pay a dime cause we still had more money left in giftcards then I thought. Oh happy day :)

 Tonight is my girl Kelsey's bridal shower. As of May 20th she will be married in the Mesa, AZ temple and then all four of us best friends growing up (Brooke, Mataya, Kelsey, and myself) will all be married. Just thinking about it makes me rememeber when we were younger and we'd take hours getting ready together at one another's house to go out on the weekends, sleepovers that usually consisted of some sort of dance being made up, the boys we kissed and then would tell, and all the fun adventures we had. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had girls like them for good friends!! So tonight I wish good luck to my dear friend Kelsey as she gets ready to become a bride, to the Suns who are in the 3rd game in their series against Portland, and to my girl Mataya who is waiting anxiously with her hubby and family to find out in the draft who her hubby will be playing for. Hopefully it will be close by so I can visit her!! Till next time blogger world......

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mindy said...

LOVE the bedset!! oh lala. amazing. & that picture of you is SO cute! too funny about the shoes. did you have that problem a lot?! hahaha.

sounds like you have some pretty good friends!!! thats awesome that you guys have stayed friends through everything!(everything meaning... getting married n stuff haha)