Monday, April 26, 2010

my laptop doesn't like me

I had typed up this long post and then my stupid computer shutdown all of a sudden to update something, super frustrating. so the condensed version goes a little something like this:

The Vegas trip was really fun this weekend. The reception was SO cute and my cousin Josh looked so happy with his new wife Carlie. Not to mention DJ and I won 20 bucks playing roulette! Which I'm thinking is starting to become a tradition for us when we go to Vegas because we played roulette there last time and have been wanting to play it ever since. (This is probabaly why gambling is bad for you, ooops!)

 My best friend Mataya found out where her husband will be playing football. The Pittas will be in Maryland  and while this means Taya won't be close by so that we can play (yes i still use the word play like i'm 7 years old) I will have to settle for talking on the phone :)

 This weekend we might go camping. I'm crossing my fingers that it actually ends up happening though. I've been wanting to go camping for quite sometime now and anybody that knows me knows that once i set my mind on something i won't stop (or be annoying about it) until it happens.

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