Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the big 3-0

i'm really lucky to have a pretty rad sister. not many sisters come more hardworking (she seriously clocks like sixty hour work weeks regularly!), kind hearted (she's known for treating you to lunches and pedis "just because"), brainy (the woman is going to nurse practitioner school. makes my brain hurt just thinking about all the medical mumbo jumbo she knows), and thoughtful (she always is calling to see how i'm doing). i really don't think they make sisters any better than this. i am glad to call her my sister. or how we like to say "seeeeeeeeeester!" so happy birthday today kaylani! go on and get crazy!
kaylani with cousin halia @ aloha fest

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Booth Confessions said...

I love that you call her seeeeaster! That What I call my Seeeaster too!