Saturday, November 19, 2011

its a good saturday if you get a date with the hubs and baby

being a mom is the by far the funnest and craziest thing i've ever done. and as much as i love being a mom, especially to such a sweet baby like T, it is hard work. add on the amount of hours dj has been clocking in at work and the fact that we both never really get a good nights sleep (baby T still prefers his nighttime meals and has been waking up at 4 in the morning the past few nights singing and co-ing, though very sweet it's also very loud and wakes me up right when i'm falling back asleep), we both were feeling a little rugged. we decided a date night was an absolute must. we planned for friday and true to our schedules lately couldn't do it till saturday. we wanted to make it extra special and spend the day as a family on a family date before us lovebirds had our date. we filled our day with mall browsing which made me and dj come to some conclusions

1. shopping for a baby is a lot more satisfying than shopping for yourself. a baby will look good in anything, me not so much.
2. one side of superstition mall is defiantly the less traveled side. i felt like i was in a bad part of town as soon as we passed the food court
3. you can't make eye contact with the kiosk salesman. you'll walk away with foot lotion for everyone you know. (true story in dj's case. he even got me the matching hand lotion for christmas that year i think)
4. dj is a huge people watcher (i already knew this one but was reminded when we sat down to eat at the food court and i watched him watch everybody for a solid 20 minutes before he realized what he was doing)
5. if you see a "hurricane simulator" don't spend two dollars to do it. it's nothing but a big fan.

our family date was super fun. and while i'm pretty sure towards the end baby T just wanted to be held because he was tired of being in the stroller i can't help but think he was having so much fun he couldn't sit still.

ps. i got free dog treats for tank and weezy. i went up to pay for them and the guy behind the counter gave them to me for free. score! tank and weezy appreciated the gesture.

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