Saturday, November 5, 2011

morning mommy and t time

T started teething these last couple days. we battled naps and a fever all day yesterday and just when i thought my sweet little guy would have a good nights rest from skipping his naps throughout the day we had little luck. he tossed and turned his cute little head all night and woke up more frequently to nurse (it also didn't help that a huge storm rolled in last night and i was too excited listening to the downpour of rain and the windy branches outside my window to fall asleep when i should have). come morning time (very early morning time) T woke up and decided he wanted to be held by his mama, particularly by his mama that wasn't laying or sitting in bed trying to still catch some z's. so i got up and we had a very early, very sleepy, very out of focus photo shoot instead.

 cant wait for our trip up north this weekend. crossing my fingers for some snow so we can actually use our winter clothes this year.

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Winn & Holly Workman said...

your little man is adorable! oh and this is kinda late but your halloween costumes were pretty sweet! Good job! :)