Sunday, November 6, 2011

just a bunch of youngins having an old timer kind of night

i'm pretty lucky to get to wake up to this every morning....
(baby T has grown a lot since i took this picture a month or so ago. he still sleeps in our bed though because he told me he'd get scared sleeping in the other room in his crib :)   )

i went ahead and labeled who was who in the pic because quite frankly these two are such twins sometimes i have a hard time telling them apart myself. well the sweet hubs has been clockin' alot of hours at work lately. partly to us going on multiple vacations this month and partly so i can stay home most of the time with our sweet son. the result being that our time together has been limited. this saturday was no exception. sweet hubs was up before baby t woke me up and came home right after it got dark out. and while most would be grouchy, tired, and irritable after working all day on a saturday he was all smiles, flirty butt grabs, and "honey i'll hold talis, go relax." (told you i was lucky!) it's been ages since we had a date night and while i don't mind because the thought of leaving talis for very long gives me mini panic attacks, we both were needing some time together. so we had a date night in. while i was making soup for dinner the hubs busted out the checker board. we played a game of checkers (or rather i dominated in a game of checkers. although i think he might of let me win) while baby T was kicking away on the living room floor beside us. right before this we were watching some nature show on tv and when it was over the lawrence welk show came on. we were too involved in our game of checkers (or that's what we kept telling ourselves) to change the channel. we kept joking that we were acting like old timers eating soup, playing checkers, and watching the lawerence welk show.

later on baby t thought he'd spice things up by giving sweet hubs a little surprise. baby t's timing couldn't have been better either. this happened right after me saying "do airplane with him, he loves when i do airplane with him. hun do airplane with him he won't stop smiling if you do airplane with him" and husband lifting him up. if it wasn't for the hubs super human reflexes it would of landed in his mouth. talis, quite the prankster that boy.

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