Sunday, October 23, 2011


i come from a really tight knit family. to give you a better idea my dad's side of the family is polynesian (enough said), we grew up doing everything with my mom's side of the family, and my brother, sister, mom, and i still get together and hang out almost everyday. one set of cousins we were particularly inseparable with are cristen, nikki, lindsey and tara (four sisters + me and kaylani = my brother being estrogen outnumbered from the start). literally almost every childhood memory includes them. to this day we reminisce about growing up together. to give you an idea of the craziness that would ensue when we got together i compiled a short list:

-we used to play pioneers in the backyard, costumes and all. complete with our very own ox for our covered wagon. and when i say ox i really mean their family dog that ran back forth the yard barking the whole time
-we used to hold talent shows that come to think of it consisted of no talent what so ever. mostly just lipsynching to songs we'd record on cassette tapes. *side note, whens the last time you heard the word cassette tape?
-we often talked in british accents because we thought it made us sound dignified. all food was usually referred to as english morning tarts
-we knew every song to this classic and had no shame singing it while jumping off couches
-trying to balance on an exercise ball that's on their parents treadmill downstairs sounds like a bad idea but to us it sounded like the only practical thing to do while waiting to play lemmings on the computer

 we we're pretty unique kiddies if you couldn't tell. well one of them, lindsey, is sealing the deal with her lovie soon. remember when i got that sweet wedding invite from my cousin in the mail the other day? this is why i was swooning...  

pretty cute huh?

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hkfarnsworth said...

im truly loving your constant effort of the updates!!! :) Talis is so darling! and i have been on the island for 2 years now and still have not had a visit from lei and dj... Soon girl soon..just sayin! Only one year left here!!... anywho.. i loved the video. your cousin is a cool kat it seems like!!

happy holidays!