Thursday, October 27, 2011

grandpa "evil knievel" sims

i'm pretty fortunate to live pretty close to my grandma and grandpa sims. i grew up living down the street (literally down the street like a hundred yards away) from my grandparents and a couple years ago they moved down the street from my mom (who luckily also lives close by). my grandparents are pretty amazing and even though i get grossed out when i occasionally catch them making out (talk about awkward) i can't help but love how in-love they still are after 50+ years of marriage! so not only have they been great role models of what a great marriage should be like but my grandpa will do stuff like this.....

yeah, that's my eighty plus year old grandpa hopping on the back of my brothers motorcycle for a spin. oh and did i fail to mention that my grandpa met my grandma because she was his nurse, while he was in the hospital, for a motocycle accident! ( he even has uneven legs to prove it) talk about fearless!

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