Friday, January 4, 2013

the snowball effect

I've decided that blogging to me happens to be something of a snowball effect. I either blog fairly often with pictures galore or I get caught up in life and before I know it Christmas, the new year, AND our anniversary has passed...whoops! This is my attempt to get the snowball effect moving...

Christmas this year was a little hard because Talis ended up coming down with a fever the night before Christmas Eve that ended up getting progressively worse and in the 105 range by late Christmas Eve afternoon. Instead of spending Christmas Eve with my family going up north to play in the snow and wrapping presents for the family we adopted this year like we had planned we ate breakfast at our house instead and had to skip out on present wrapping to take Talis to the emergency room. He ended up needing antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection and ear infection. I was really bummed that we didn't really get to spend much time with my family AND that Talis looked miserable until we got some antibiotics in him which wasn't until around 10 o'clock that night. On Christmas Day we opened presents and ate at the Reynolds. It was hard enough to get in the holiday mood this year (which I'm not sure I ever really did despite my attempts of constant Christmas music playing and looking for any way to serve others) but I was anxious to get to the new year (do I sound like the Grinch yet? I feel like I do). Don't get me wrong we still enjoyed the holidays this year and feel incredibly blessed in every way possible I just felt like I was ready to start fresh and to see what was in store for us this up coming year.

For New Years we celebrated at our friend's Brooke and Jay's house. Talis fell asleep around eight and woke up about five minutes to midnight to scream all through the fireworks (he wasn't a big fan). After our New Year's smooches we headed home shortly after midnight because we were pretty tired by then. This is the only picture we took that night, a shoddy shot in the dark walking out to our car.

Our anniversary is on January 3rd and I absolutely love it. I feel like I'll never suffer from post holiday sadness because we get to celebrate our love pretty soon after the holidays! We thought about making big plans this year but decided to take the more low key route since I'm feeling quite large and pregnant these days and we both are just drained by the end of the day. We're actually celebrating tonight and we're both not sure what we want to do but yesterday he treated me to flowers and cupcakes while I treated him to a dirty house and an exhausted looking wife...that man sure does love me! Love that handsome man of mine and so glad we've spent four incredible years in marital bliss!

So bring it on 2013, we're all pretty excited for another year of challenges, adventures, growth, and change!

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Annie said...

What a rough Christmas!!! Happy anniversary! I'm glad your gonna keep blogging cuz I love reading!!!