Monday, January 21, 2013

current beauty obsessions

Let me start off by saying that I by no means claim to be a beauty expert of any kind. If anything I'd say I'm the complete opposite of a beauty expert (like I am guilty of using an eyebrow pencil as eyeliner for months at a time before I realized kind of expert). And while I might not be makeup inclined I do pride myself in taking care of my skin and hair (I kind of obsess over it) and lately have really been upping my nightly beauty regimen. I credit my new buffed up skin and hair routine partially on sleeping with my makeup on for about two solid weeks straight and partially on being almost 7 months pregnant that feeling rugged and run down by 3 o'clock every day was starting to get the best of me. In the past when I'm feeling tired and ragged I up my workouts or amount of workouts and it usually does the trick but again when your as pregnant as I am these days you're a little limited in the workout department. So for any of you out there that are overly curious about other people's beauty routines like I am (I am fascinated by what works for people and more often then not try everything out for myself) here is a look into what works for me.

Alba Aloe and Green Tea Moisturizer

I've used this moisturizer since highschool and there's a reason I've used it for so long. It's lightweight, hydrates incredibly, and smells amazing. I used to have to go to Sprouts to get it but now they sell it pretty much everywhere (I get it at the neighborhood Walmart market down the street so I'm thinking it's safe to assume they sell it everywhere). It's a little more on the steeper side (at least in my opinion because I hate spending double digits on beauty products) costing around $17 for a 3 oz jar but it surprisingly lasts me (and DJ because I catch him using it all the time too) a long time.

Product Image
Coconut Oil

I bought my first jar of coconut oil when I was pregnant with Talis to help prevent stretch marks but ended up using it more on my hair during my pregnancy then my stomach. And now you can't skim through Pinterest without seeing the wonders of what coconut oil can do. I use this on my hair and my cuticles and love it. For my hair I've used it as a conditioning mask and to help with fly aways. when I use it on my cuticles I just rub a small amount on all my cuticles right before bed. EfaGold Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the brand I use and I just buy it through Amazon.

Clarasonic MIA

I was gifted a Clarasonic MIA for Christmas this year but have been wanting one for a while now. I absolutely love it. My face feels so incredibly clean after I use it almost seems like my skin can breathe better. It's not cheap but it's defiantly worth the investment. 

Pure Argon Oil

Again another purchase I made when I was pregnant with Talis that I didn't end up really using until lately. I use this as a nightly moisturizer. After I wash my face and use toner I rub pure Argon Oil all over my face. I was worried at first that it could clog my pores since it was oil but so far I haven't had any problems. I think because it's more on the thin side as far as oils go that it hasn't been a problem yet. 

WEN Hair Care

I posted about wanting to try Wen here and my sweet SIL suprised me Christmas morning with it (along with some other ridiculously awesome stuff) I have been using it since Christmas and LOVE it so far. The very first time I used it I could feel an immediate difference. My hair felt lighter (in a good way) and left it smelling amazing. It also helped tame my hair a little which says a lot when I typically just let my hair air dry and I don't end up looking like Moofasa. 

What are your favorite beauty finds or habits? 


lindsey coons said...

I wish I could use products like that but my allergies don't play well with scented products. I use fragrance free Curel lotion, it's great for my entire body without using a huge amount of super pricey lotion to lather my long gams. I also love washing my face with Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser. Very gentle, and doesn't dry my face out. That's all, I don't take very good care of my face, let's be honest...

leilani reynolds said...

I love Aveeno products! one of my favorites is their Clear Complextion Daily Moisturizer. Try using pure Argon Oil, it's unscented and really thin so it might not irritate your skin.