Friday, January 18, 2013

my mind lately

Thoughts that have been on constant rotation in my mind lately:

-School. This is kind of always on my mind. When should I go back? Is there ever an ideal time to go back when you have kids? (cause it sure doesn't feel like it). What should I go back to school for? Should I continue my education degree or go for something else? Schooling feels a whole lot different when you become a mama that's for sure.

-Finances. We've really been trying to button down our pocket books lately. Okay so maybe I have been constantly trying to button down our pocket book for a few years now but we tend to throw out our budget plan as soon as we're hungry and take out sounds better then cooking (which it ALWAYS does). I have found some (pretty savvy in my opinion) ways of saving money which I might share with you guys later. I have to say, saving money and living frugal gives you a pretty good high (call me crazy but it does).

-House and Home. I can confidently thank Pinterest for making me view my house as a big pile of diy's that need to be done (along with thinking my closet of clothes sucks, I need to work out more, I'm not crafty and a slew of other things that Pinterest so genuinely makes me feel when I'm browsing around it for too long). But none-the-less I now try to turn every weekend into "Home Improvement Weekend" which turns out to be pretty hard to sell DJ on the idea.

-Babies,babies,babies. Everyday I think about how funny Talis is, how handsome he is, how smart he is, how frustrating he is, how stubborn he is, how inquisitive he is, how destructive he is, how cuddly he is, how much I just wanna squeeze his cheeks he's so frikin' cute. You know, the basics of motherhood I suppose. But now I'm really looking forward to watching him be a big brother. And when I really start to think about it then I start thinking of adding another baby to the mix and then I start getting scared. Any advice you might have about entertaining a high energy toddler while toting around a newborn, I'm all ears.  

What's on your mind lately? Are your thoughts as vanilla as mine? (school, money, house, and kids, I think this qualifies me as a grown up right? it's a good thing I like vanilla ;)  )

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