Saturday, January 5, 2013

our last minute snow trip

Since we didn't get to go up to the snow on Christmas Eve like we planned we were bumming that Talis might not get use out of his sweet new snow gear that my sister Kaylani had spent all day hunting down before our plans got changed. So when a call to your girl friend to ask if they wanna come over for dinner and to hang out turns into them inviting you to her dad's cabin in Heber to play in the snow you obviously get excited and say yes! We love Brooke and Jay, ever since I was young whenever Brooke and I would get together we always ended up with a story to some adventure we never planned on having and just that happened. After arriving at the cabin almost three hours later then we planned due to a ridiculously long drive-thru line at Senor Tacos and a highway accident that shut the freeway down temporarily we got to the cabin to find all the pipes frozen and the heaters barely working. We didn't care so much though because it was still a really fun trip. How can you complain when you have super adorable snow babies, tinfoil dinners, and late night board games? We even got home in time to take a nap before ringing in the new year!

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