Monday, December 17, 2012


I'm not sure what to write about the recent tragedy that took place in conneticut. It is sad, it is horrible, and it is heart wrenching. Whenever I start to think about it, which I have often since it happened, my throat seems to swell and my heart beats fast and my vision becomes slightly blurred. I start to imagine Talis being the one who was sent off to school and receiving the news that no parent should ever have to receive. I feel as though when I think about it for too long and I think these thoughts I start to experience what these parents are going through but I'm not. Not even a little bit. My family is my world and to think of any part of it, especially the innocent and sweet part of it that gives me tender kisses and wants me to hold him most of the day, would wreck me.

It's easy to be cynical in this world today, to think the worst of every person and of every situation. And yet when horrible tragedies like this happen I am reminded of the power of the human spirit. How in the middle of such great loss people seem to come together, to lift each other up, and to extend love to those around them that they might not of before. I watched this clip of one of the victims fathers. After loosing his own daughter in the shooting he talks of his love and condolences to all the victims and their families, including that of the shooter. He is proof that God is far more powerful than evil. That there is still good in this world. Still love and kindness. My thoughts and prayers are with them. May we each try to be the good, the love, and the kindness in this world that often times can seem so dark.

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