Wednesday, May 23, 2012

my smile list

A few things that have put a smile on my face...

1. new floors! and some other diy home improvement we've been able to finally get around to
2. T's super speedy fast crawl when he sees me coming to redirect him when he's heading for things like the stairs, power tools (from all the house improvement going on), and dog food bowls
3. playing Logo Quiz together in bed on Dj's phone after our scriptures and prayers
4. pesto and tomato omelet for breakfast
5. how proud little man gets at understanding you when you ask for "kisses"
6. memorial day weekend with the Noas!
7. blackberry smudged cheeks/hands/forehead/chest after snack time
8. bits of blackberries in the tub after said snacktime
9. finding new books to read like thisthis, and this. (some people think self help books are lame but I kinda think they rock. and I'm kinda on a self-help book streak right now so it works)
10. dinner dates with my grandpa,mom, and Dj (and baby T of course!)

ps. I've gotten out of the habit of toting my camera around with me everywhere sans the lack of pictures on my posts, but I will make up for it I promise.

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