Sunday, June 10, 2012

memorial day two weeks later

I'm finally getting around to writing about what we did on Memorial Day weekend because Dj finally got around to transferring his phone pics to the computer (I never seem to have the camera charged when I need it). Josh and Carlie stayed with us while Annette, Jeff, Juelaine, and Puna stayed with my mom. It was so fun getting to see Talis and Jayla hang out all weekend together. We spent the weekend with the Noa family relaxing, bbq-ing, and playing games. We spend actual Memorial Day taking the babies to the Phoenix Children's Museum with Josh and Carlie. The weekend went by way to fast for my liking and as usual we are left wondering why we all live so far away from the Noas. We love you guys!

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Juelaine Noa said...

aww they are just so cute together! miss you guys already!