Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a blur of a vacation

 The last two weeks or so have flown by in a blur. All last week we vacationed in Washington. It was an awesome trip (no suprise there). DJ, my mom, T, and I all got to go and I have to admit I felt like the luckiest girl around. Having three of my favorite people with me doing one of my favorite things (traveling) together to one of my favorite places, could last week have gotten any better? (The answer to that is a loud and resounding no!). We were fortunate enough to go to two different weddings while we were there, one for my cousin and one for a family friend. They were both beautiful and sweet as expected. There are so many details of this special trip that I don't want to forget about so I will be doing a series of posts about different parts of our trip. But for now I'll leave you will a picture we took by the ever so beautiful Cresent Lake. 

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