Thursday, June 28, 2012

the northwest episodes: ruby beach

Ruby Beach was one of our stops on our road trip while we were in Washington. It's hands down one of the most beautiful and unique stretchs of beach I've seen before. Watching your little one discover sand, I mean truly discover it, how it feels in between his toes and hands and how it feels gritty when you shove it in your mouth...watching him learn about everything around him is a sight to see myself. It's mostly funny (like when he tried to eat the sand) but when you step back and see your sweet kid learning about his surroundings with a backdrop like Ruby Beach and you can't help but feel all warm inside and think "god is good. god is very very good."


Shalyn said...

Oh, how beautiful! I miss Washington and your little guy is too cute!

leilani reynolds said...

I forgot your from Washington too! Thanks your little boy is too! yay for sons! When your back in town visiting I we should get together I'd love to meet him!