Thursday, May 17, 2012

travel lust

I've been bitten by the travel bug. I find myself looking up flights to places like Paris, Puket, and Sydney when I'm supposed to be paying the bills...whoops! With Arizona's fast approaching summer weather it's hard not to dream of foreign locales when you spend your days alternating between swimming and being where ever has ample air conditioning. Here's a few places I'm dying to visit:

I've wanted to go to Germany ever since I was a little girl and would hear stories of when my mom lived there. (And I think the German language would be fun to speak considering it kinda sounds like your hacking at the end of every word)

I heard everything in Thailand is pretty dirt cheap. Cheap as in you can vacation like a rock star on a decent budget. And it doesn't hurt that Thailand has some of the greenest (in a good way) water I've ever seen.

Why Paris? Why not's Paris!

I might be the only person who could never be annoyed of the sound of bagpipes. (True story, when I was in high school there used to be a guy that would practice bagpipes every Saturday morning on the soccer fields and I'd hear him while I was leaving early morning volleyball workouts. It was like having a real life life soundtrack. It was awesome.) I also picture everyone in Scotland to be wearing red plaid shirts which is making me consider that visiting Scotland might be more mandatory since my idea of the country seems majorly skewed...

Where are you dying to go?

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