Sunday, April 15, 2012

a 9 month T

My baby is nine months!(didn't he just turn six months?) He is such a busy little boy these days and quite the character. Just the other day I caught him attempting to get out of his crib, like standing up leg over the railing kind of attempt people! When he's not busy pulling all the dvds and wires out from the entertainment center or pulling plugs out of the sockets he's busy chasing crawling after Tank and Weezy. He's recently discovered his pointer finger and likes to point and touch everything. I know that every baby likes music but I can't help but feel this little guy takes a special liking to it. He even tries to sing with me when I sing him his lullabies (actually tries is the wrong word because his high pitched humming is still better than my singing). Just as busy and boyish that he is he can be just as quiet and observant. Whenever we are around a group of people (other than family) he spends a good amount of time just staring and watching what everybody is doing. And then as soon as he feels like he has the situation figured out he goes back to being his active little ham of a self. He'll keep busy crawling around and playing and then as soon as Dj or I walk by he scurry crawls over to us and climbs in our laps looking up at us with the perfect little  "i sure do love you" smile. And then just as fast as he came over to us he scurry crawls back to the back door to look at the dogs outside or inspect the dog food bowls in the kitchen. Loads of people have told how much they think he looks like my brother Bobby and while I am usually surprised at the people that tell me this (because it often comes form people that I wouldn't think knew my brother that well to remember what he looks like) I can't help but feel that they really are saying he looks like me. ( People have asked if my brother and I were twins before. And although a comment from a friend when I was in high school about me being "Bobby with a wig" is not my shining moment I'll take it if it means my sweet T resembles me). Being a mom for nine months to this guy is the best. He makes me feel like I know what I'm doing and as a new mommy that's pretty special :)

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Julie Button said...

Oh boy do you have your hands full if he is already trying to get out his crib. Thankfully my Bristol is too little for her leg to even reach!