Tuesday, April 3, 2012

never ending battle

today went something like this...

-woke up to T staring at me and "talking" (in his oh-so adorable high pitched voice) mere centimeters from my face
-allowed myself a ten second pity party for not getting to sleep more 
-got up and fed T his usual morning staple of oatmeal and fruit followed immediately by his morning nap ( I find it strange how soon he falls back asleep after eating breakfast...)
-did laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, and put dinner in the crock pot while he napped
-went to baby play group at Freestone 
-got the mail, shared my protein shake with T (he insists every time I make it to have some, along with anything and everything else we eat) while I watched Ellen, tickled T while he used me as a jungle gym (the kid can and does literally climb all over me)
-husband came home
-we took turns between eating and feeding T dinner
-made T a bottle and sung him to sleep
-and now I sit on the computer catching up on my blogging

while in my mind I still have this perpetual TO DO list that never seems to get done. It's past eight at night and I still need to go running, finish the laundry, wash the dishes from dinner tonight, and exercise the dogs. Not to mention about the twenty odd ball items I came across throughout the day that I need to add to the grocery list (Borax, brown sugar, facial astringent to name a few) that I know I will forget to do until I've gone shopping and returned home already. Why is there never enough time in the day? I wish there was somehow a way to take all those hours as a kid when you complained about being bored and having nothing to do and add them into your adult day to make it longer. Or maybe I'll just forget about the rest on my list and go to bed early instead of late for a change...

                                                          run barefoot, sleep soundly.

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Annie said...

Oh man, that to do list never ends!! I hate laundry and dishes the most!!!