Tuesday, January 17, 2012

six months.

remember when i blanked on T's five month mark? well you'll be proud that i was more on point come his six month mark, i mean 6 months...that's half a year! i celebrated by taking him to the doctor for his six month checkup. T celebrated by being in the top percentile for every category.

his hobbies include:

  • eating some baby food (partial to squash)
  • chewing on everything with his two bottom teeth
  • play dates with tank on a daily
  • getting the wiggles right before nap time, bedtime, or any other time
  • being put in his crib at night
  • ending up in mom and dads bed before morning

happy six months my sweet T!

1 comment:

Shalyn said...

He is such a doll! Happy birthday to your little man!