Sunday, January 15, 2012

christmas tree goodbye

we spent our weekend with an overnighter in the desert burning our christmas tree. it was dusty. it was windy. it was cold. and it was awesome. there's something to be said about tin foil dinners and smores. we had so much fun that when we returned home the next day me and dj made them again (cause it's that good). Except we appropriately dubbed it urban smores and din din because we made our smores in the microwave and who really says din din? weekends are the best.

tank and weezy would agree but they are too busy licking their bleeding paws. they fetched and played so much the desert sand tore up their feet but i'm pretty sure they were just glad to get outta of the house.


The Maxfields said...

You guys are so fun! And I'm embarrassed to admit this but I still haven't taken our tree down yet. So you're way ahead of me in that! Sorry that I am the most random blogger (I either always post and comment or never...) so excuse my absence he past little while! I really do enjoy reading your blog so keep the posts coming!

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...