Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the golden anniversary

apologies for the absence of blogging, a left-behind camera, start of school, and virus infected computer tend to have that effect on my blogging habits. i need to post about our rockin' new years, baby T's six month mark, and our 2012 so far but for now you can hear the mushy gushy......

me and the hubs celebrated our golden anniversay this past weekend. we slept in (as best we could with baby T), made breakfast (vanilla/cinnamon waffles and turkey bacon), dropped baby off, hiked attempted to hike camelback mountain, ate sprinkles , went movie hopping (it felt like we were back in highschool........and it was awesome), and went to dinner. three years in (a lot more if you count how long we dated, but lets not do that)  and this guy still knows the way to my heart. hiking, sprinkles, and a romantic comedy? i'm in. love this man.
a few reasons why i really like this guy

-he puts the term "handy man" to shame. he can built/fix/macgyver anything. he'll deny this but i'm pretty positive it's just his way of not having to built every single project i come up with.

-the man is a baby whisperer. he'd be in high demand if he was a nanny.

-he never leaves for work in the morning without smootching me and T. plus, he doesn't get mad when i scold him for not kissing me in the morning when in reality he did and i was just too tired to realize.

-he looks good in anything he wears.

-he laughs at my awkward attempts to make him laugh. i'm pretty sure my random dance moves i bust out in our kitchen are not worthy of a laugh and encouragement. the man gives me both AND joins in.

- he doesn't call me out when i butcher the lyrics of every song we listen to in the car.

-he has some serious rap skills.

happy anniversary dj!


mindy said...

happy anniversary! looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

hkfarnsworth said...

i do the same thing in the mornings!! lol... huston always just laughs and says "were you really that out of it??" haha .. happy anniversary guys!!

Amber Hendricks said...

What a wonderful anniversary you had. You lucky woman! I mean, clearly when chipotle is involved magical things happen. I miss you mucho, need to meet your babe and hug you! Loves.