Thursday, December 29, 2011

farewell 2011.

2011 you treated me really good this year. and while you threw me some unexpected curve balls i finally learned my lesson that life doesn't go according to "my plan" and for that, i'm forever grateful. the memories you gave me this year are cherished and marked as my favorite year so far.

because in 2011 i....
  • became a mother ( even though i'm sure baby T would have to argue that i'm still trying to get this mother thing down. he's so patient with me that one.)
  • finished my first block of my teaching program
  • stopped working full-time at a job i less then liked
  • went on un unbelievable romantic trip with the hubs which we dubbed our babymoon vacation
  • traveled to washington, twice!
  • made some new friends and visited with old ones that live far away
  • had my dad come visit for ten days during the holidays
  • tasted the amaziness of Trophy's and started my quest to find an equally delicious cupcake bakery in the valley. i have yet to succeed on this one
  • saved a bunch of money like adults

things that had to go in 2011....
  • the money we saved earlier in the year
  • my pregnant belly, pregnant cravings, pregnant bladder, pregnant swollen feet, pregnant back aches
  • my long hair. i'm now sporting a mid length bob that requires a fifth of the amount of time to get ready
  • tank and weezy's ridiculous amount of allergies (crossing our fingers their allergy shots got rid of them for good)
  • black beauty (the hub's huge lifted diesel. it didn't really scream family friendly so we traded it for the mazda. we still have yet to name it though)
  • my old cell phone. i was still rocking the first cell phone ever made and was convinced i would never use anything else. but when the battery forever died i had to get a smart phone to replace it and lets just say i was wrong.
  • a good nights sleep (babies tend to do that)
  • the hub's massive closet. he finally consented to letting me get rid of some of his clothes to free up space for me
  • baby T's newborn, 3 month, 6 month, and some nine month clothing. he's grown so fast and he's only five and a half months

excited about 2012 because....
  • we celebrate our third year wedding anniversary three days into the new year :)
  • following through on my new years resolutions
  • like getting back in shape (i want to take up yoga and zumba) and start running again
  • summer comes again (i want my olive complexion back)
  • so will baby T's first birthday
  • getting more schooling under my belt (someday i'll graduate, someday....)
  • the new season of jersey shore (i'm not proud of this one)
  • experiencing an awesome year with baby T and my amazing hubs
2012 you have alot to live up to. let's see what you got.

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