Tuesday, December 27, 2011

christmas run-down according to baby T

1. picked out a christmas tree

2. helped mom and dad decorate

3. ugly sweater christmas party

4. got smooched by my friend gracie

5. met my grandpa ili for the first time and became buddies

6. sat on santa's lap and looked adorable

7. got spoiled on christmas morning


busy bee lauren said...

Cutest little baby!!

mindy said...

freakin adorable! hes so cute! looks like you guys had a good christmas!

can you email me the pic of mike n i? lol

Aston Family said...

LOVE the pics!!! Love baby Gracie loving up on him :) Sooo freakin cute!!!! I swear our kids are adorable!! Biased?! I think not ;) And that Santa looks awfully familiar.... perhaps he was at Superstition?! :)