Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sickness Round 548

K so maybe I exaggerated a little, we are more like on sickness round four in our family in the last two months. I spent late Monday night in urgent care with Miles after everyone collectively having the worst day ever. Turns out Miles has croup and an upper respiratory infection (and we're almost positive Talis has the same thing just not as bad because whenever he gets his heart rate up the littlest big his breathing gets labored and it throws him in a huge coughing fit that makes him throw up). So that's been our week so far. A steady stream of steroids, breathing treatments, antibiotics, cough syrup, and everyone slowly loosing their mind. I suppose we've moved on from chronic double ear infections to this. I'm on what seems like my fifth round of a sinus infection and have become best friends with my netty pot the past two months or so. I recently read about oil pulling and how it can dramatically aid in sinus relief. Has anyone ever tried it? I've read nothing but positive stuff about it so I decided to try it out. Been trying it the past few days and I got to say, beside the gag factor I'm kind of a fan already. My mouth feels really clean and my sinuses seem to loosen up a little after. So here's to gaining a greater appreciation for our health and crossing our fingers we can all move on from being sick (finally) as a family. And also cute cuddly babies in urgent care that despite being so sick are still such troopers the entire time.

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