Friday, February 28, 2014

Parada del Sol

Went to the Parada del Sol Rodeo last night. I can honestly say this was our first rodeo ;) My brother in law scored the whole family VIP tickets and we made a night of it. We ate at Picadillo's before heading out there and that place is like a sensory overload of flashing lights and workers rushing you to order. If you ever go there don't get the BBQ chicken salad, get a hot dog or something. I think they might be known for their hot dogs? The rodeo was super fun and Talis and Miles loved it! We were completely in awe watching the cowboys try to stay on the buckin horses. It looks so much scarier in real life, those guys have to suffer from whiplash on the daily.  Being at the rodeo made me want to take vacation on a dude ranch somewhere and just ride horses in the wilderness or something. It was bringing out all sorts of an inner cowgirl in me. Can't wait to go to another rodeo sometime, Yee Haw!

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