Saturday, March 8, 2014

rite of passage

Yesterday was a pivotal day around our house. Talis got his hair cut. (Let me just grab my brown paper bag and breathe into it for a second. Just thinking about it makes me start to go into some sort of panic attack). It was a pretty quick decision for I knew if we stewed on the idea or too long I wouldn't be able to go through with it. He instantly went from our little Talis to suddenly a little boy who gained 3 years in age and several inches in height. Dj and I still can't get over it. He looks so handsome in his new do and he was such a stud while he got his hair cut.  He made me one proud mama with how fearless he was. I already miss his long hair (I think mainly because he looks SO much older now and that makes me the  saddest!) but no matter what hairstyle T's got he'll always look handsome. 

^^Talis right after his haircut holding his ponytail!^^

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