Saturday, November 2, 2013


Halloween has come and gone and with that another year of family costumes. This year we went with the Wreck It Ralph theme. It seemed fitting since Talis makes us watch it at least three times a day.  I personally wasn't really wanting to dress up along with the boys, I was thinking DJ and I could go a different route this year. But I figured this is probably the last year that we could all dress up as a family. DJ and I put our costumes together the day of so forgive the poor quality and the fact that we both look more like homeless people. Talis and Miles however, they make their costumes look pretty good. Talis was Fix It Felix and Miles was King Candy. 

 I'm positive that I'll be spending my time trying to convince Talis that Thanksgiving is fun too. I''ll say to him "Talis we get to celebrate Thanksgiving this month! Do you know what we do on Thanksgiving? Do you know what we say? We eat turkey and we say 'I'm thankful' !" and he always replies with "we say twick oh tweet. no turkey! eat candy!" Can't blame the kid, he's got a point, candy always trumps turkey. Hope everyone had a good Halloween!

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