Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Happy almost Halloween! I'm kind of over Halloween this year which is so unlike me. I'm all about the costumes and candy and especially about scaring the neighborhood kids but I'm just ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. I have to say though that Talis and Miles were a blast at our church trunk-or-treat. This year Talis actually trick-or-treated and it was pretty adorable. He dragged his trick-or-treat bag the whole time as he walked. I should have shown him how to hold his bag up higher on the handles so it wouldn't drag but I just thought it was too cute. And hearing him say "twick oh tweat" and "tank you!" was  adorable. Miles fell asleep shortly after we got there. Something about not being old enough to eat candy I guess takes most of the fun out of the holiday.

With how cool the weather had become during the day (FINALLY Arizona!) and our new backyard in place we spend all day out there. Which means that most nights skipping out on baths isn't much of an option. I swear little boys attract dirt and grime like it's their job (but I guess it kinda is).  Bath time around here has become one of my favorite times of day. I usually leave the bathroom soaked in bath water from all the splashing that those two crazy boys do but I've grown used to it. 

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