Thursday, October 24, 2013

sisterhood of women

Today I went to lunch with my mom. She was invited by ladies from church and she asked if I wanted to tag along. As I was sitting through lunch eating a baja fish taco, bouncing Miles on my lap and watching Talis run around in the grassy yard right by our patio table with my mom and her group of friends I had a little surreal moment.

I realized that as I was talking with all these ladies that I knew each of their children (most of them were my same age and we had grown up all friends together), I knew their husbands, their family stories, where they lived, what they did for a living or what their husbands did for a living. These women were a part of my life story, even if only a short part, but part of it none the less and I am so grateful for it. I'm grateful to have a mom that surrounds herself with positive women in her life, I'm grateful for those women who helped inspire me at a young age to be a positive light to my own family, to be selfless, to serve others. I'm grateful for the women in that group who drove me in the carpool to camp outs, extra curriculars, and home from sleepovers. I'm glad I went to lunch today. I needed it. To be remembered of the strong sisterhood that can be found in so many places in life. I've made so many already in my short 25 years of life. The strong sisterhood bond between team mates of the numerous volleyball teams i've been a part of, girls that experienced living on their own for the first time along with me at college, girls that entered motherhood along me with, girls who serve in church along with me. The list could go on and on but it's all the same. Women being there for one another.

I'm feeling blessed to have had and still have incredible women in my life. In any shape or form that you have been in my life I thank you. Beyonce was right, girls really do run the world ;)

And now a somewhat unrelated photo. Me and my bestie at our junior high graduation. Talk about sisterhood, love this girl.

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