Tuesday, July 17, 2012

birthday bash

We had fun last weekend celebrating Talis' birthday with lots of hugs, high-pitched "you're one years old!",  and of course a birthday party. We invited some friends and family over to our neighborhood pool and had a pretty laid back birthday pool party. Talis was a little too busy eating watermelon (or smooshing the few pieces he didn't in his fist) to play in the kiddie pool but he made sure to show off his swimming tricks to some of his fellow swim class classmates in the big kids pool. We had so much fun visiting with everyone who came and can't thank you enough for all the sweet presents you brought for Talis. Happy birthday Talis!



mindy said...

He's too cute! Cant believe he is one! The cake is so cute/pretty!! Sorry we didn't make it!

lindsey coons said...

1. those cupcakes look delicious. did you make them?
2. i love his saggy diaper in the last pictures.
3. most importantly, did you use tara's flags and get a popcorn machine rental?!