Sunday, March 4, 2012


i kept telling dj to read the hunger games series when i was reading them last year and he wasn't interested. fast forward a couple weeks ago and we talked about renting a theater out for the early showing of the movie and the next day he started reading the series and finished within a week....all three books. he fell in love with them (maybe more than me) with the books. and now we've gone and rented a theater for the early showing of it. no more waiting in movie theater lines for the midnight showing. we're watching the movie at 6:30 pm (which is a dream when you still have a baby at home). jealous? don't be you can join us! if watching the summers most epic movie with friends AND get a good nights sleep sound good to you then message me for ticket info. we'll be having raffles as well!

may the odds ever be in your favor.....(sorry couldn't help but quote the book i'm so EXCITED!!)

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