Friday, March 9, 2012

Amoxicillin, mid-day baths, and vapor rub

the sick bug hit our house monday night and hit it hard. after two days of a fever for T and we took him to the doctor on wednesday only to find out he has rsv and an ear infection. talk about feeling helpless as a parent! dj and i have been feeling crummy lately too which means our daily attire consists of pj's (prefereably ones we've been wearing for a couple days straight) and not leaving the house. unfortunaly for deege though he has to go to work so me and T have been filling our days with a steady routine of naps, warm baths, and vapor rub smelling snuggle time till our favorite guy comes home from work.

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mindy said...

i hope you guys feel better ASAP! being sick is NO fun at all!