Monday, May 3, 2010


My husband is seriously the greatest. I know everyone says that their husband is the best but I'm not kidding, mine really is. He is the sweetest, funniest, sexiest guy ever and just the fact that he puts up with me makes him pretty special :) I had a particularly hard week last week and only he could make everything so much better and put it all in perspective for me in a matter of minutes. (aren't husbands the best?) to prevent this post from becoming the ultimate mushy gushy love fest i'll keep it short. deege, i love you! I am so glad I was able to marry you before you realized I was getting the better deal :)


mindy said...

this is sweet! you guys are both lucky. you guys are such a great team! :)

p.s. we need to hang out.

and work out. ughh. i dont want to. but i NEED to whip my butt in shape. HELP ME!!!

DJ and Lei said...

ah thanks girl! I think we make an awesome team but I'm a little bias lol I know we need to work out asap!! what days are good for you and what time of day??

hkfarnsworth said...

FRiend is right girly!! u always will be! from like jr. high ...remmeber that one time u told me you didnt play volleyball...and so i told my entire team that you and nucci didnt play...and then u showed up to play us...haha... well i remember that! lol love you lei!!