Thursday, May 27, 2010

i'm still here.

well my resolution to be better at blogging didn't last long but at least it hasn't been too long...right? we just got home from mexico and oh boy was it nice to soak up the sun and relax with good friends and fun. it was a well needed weekend trip.

lately i find myself getting into a lot of things i never thought i'd be interested in which is crafting and cooking. these things are way too domesticated for my personality, or so i thought, but i guess when you get married it's only a matter of time before you start to become domesticated. (in my case it's taken about a year and a half) i've been slowly getting into crafting and cooking and i'm suprising myself everyday with each new thing i take on. for example, yesterday i cooked homemade sweet potato fries, these cheddar puff things, and caramel cupcakes. needless to say my husband came home to a random assortment of food but was grateful nonetheless. so i may not be living up to my resolution to blog but it's because i'm suprising myself by being attempting to be domestic.


Angela Brian said...

mexico? i'm jealous.

if you want some craft ideas.
go here:

its kinda a project archive of EASY crafts and stuff that i found and (hopefully) will try.

once i get out of alaska. of course.

DJ and Lei said...

angie girl i go there all the time already!! i love the projects you pick out! i'm actually making the vellum mobiles for a baby shower and they are turning out really good so far if i do say so myself :) how long are you and brian going to be in alaska??

hkfarnsworth said...

lei... thats sooo great!! i am so like you. its not me... but hey u should share some recipes!!! :) that sounds good. ps. when i wasnt working huston would do the same thing.. come home to random food because i would cook when i was bored lol!! ... i am so ready for you to come in januarY! for real. :) I hope i get to see you! ...