Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pros & Cons of Coloring Your Own Hair

Pros & Cons of Coloring Your Hair at Home:

PRO-you don't have to travel to a salon

CON-you may have to juggle a one year old who's whining to go in the backyard and neighbors knocking at the door all while trying to finish mixing the color and developer in a cereal bowl

PRO-you are able to do your hair anytime you feel like it without having to make an appointment

CON-sometimes that means you convince your hair stylist AKA mom to squeeze you in before shes runs out the door. Meaning your left to rinse out the color yourself which you manage to stain half your face with

PRO-you just send your mom a picture of what you want your hair to look like and she gets the color at the beauty supply

CON-realizing the fact that you just sent her a picture of one of the kardashian sisters and feeling the same guilt you do when you watch their show. i wanna hate them, but i just can't.

PRO-a lot cheaper 

CON-unless you figure all the errand running and foot rubs your mom will get out of you for doing your hair
(jk she doesn't make me do that, although she should. she's way to good to me)

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