Saturday, June 14, 2014

jiu juitsu class

Last night we took Talis to his first little Brazilian jiu jitsu class. I've been wanting to put him in a few things. Kind of dying to really. One of the things I looked forward to the most when becoming a mom was the day that I would get to watch my little loves find passion in different things they enjoyed doing like sports, music, and art. And while I know at this age it isn't passion more of a fun and social activity for them, it is the best getting to observe your kids learn and explore the world around them.

 He was the youngest in his class with the next youngest kid being five years old. They had the kids run around the mat, take turns jumping over pads, go down and back doing different things like skipping and bear crawling, did a little bit of floor work (which Talis wasn't into much) and finished the class with a little game of dodge ball. He really did so good I was such a proud mom on the side with the cheesiest smile on my face the whole time watching him. At one point DJ even looked at me and asked, "Are you about to cry?", which I totally was guilty of. 

He tried his hardest to copy everything the teachers were doing and kept up so well with all the other kids who clearly had been taking the class for a while. There were a handful of times when he'd get chatty with the kids next to him and try to play with them during the teachers instruction but even that was pretty precious to see.

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