Tuesday, February 14, 2012

lovey-dovey day

i love valentines day. everything about it. dj on the other hand still tries to convince people that it's a made up hallmark holiday and "why should you need a special day to let someone know you love them? you should do that everyday". yeah, he's one of those people. i gotta hand it to him though, even though he doesn't agree with my philosophy of celebrating valentines day (which usually consists of over-the-top mushy gushy stuff. i'm talking multiple love notes, unlimited foot rubs, surprise dinner, flowers, chocolates....just to name a few) he makes a better valentine then he thinks. letting me eat the most of our samoa girl scout cookies? thats the makings of a great valentine. this year we made a mutual decision to lay low. so you can bet on finding us with copious amounts of pink colored candies and cupcakes watching romance movies. for those of you planning on   a more laid back valentines like us, heres a list of my favorite rom coms to get you started.

  • alot like love
  • my best friends wedding
  • ps i love you
  • the notebook (obviously)
  • just married
  • nick and norahs infinite playlist
  • the wedding singer
  • just go with it

happy valentines day!

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