Thursday, February 16, 2012

hitting the pavement

today me and T stopped by my moms house to visit. shes been working so much lately that her face time with T has been seriously diminished which leaves both of them quite sad about it. while they both were busy coo-ing and smiling at one another i decided to duck out for a quick run in my childhood neighborhood. back in my teenage years i was quite the runner (and by that i strictly mean i could run thirty minutes without getting out of breath). but while i am no longer in the amazing shape i used to be in its nice to know that some things (like my old neighborhood and running route) never change. if only the same thing can be said about my waistline. darn baby weight. 

i sure hope a girl scout lives here cause thats a massive amount of girl scout cookies, even to me.

 how cute is this? saw this on the sidewalk at our family friends the maxfields. check out her daughter-in-law brooke

my old daily walk home from elementary school

wannabe bonzai tree

farms and suburbs side by side. gilbert in a nutshell

my elementary school alma mater. mesquite mountain lions are really neat, we look awesome from our head to feet. we got that smile that style that winning way, and when you....oh you didn't want me to sing our fight song? my bad.

why am i taking pictures while i'm running you may ask? hey i never said i was hardcore about running. i need something to do to keep me entertained.


The Maxfields said...

I'm proud of you for running! I'm a horrible runner. Let's please be work out buddies! Why if we live so close have we not been getting together? What the heck! Is your number still the same? And I love that you took a picture of the Maxfields driveway.... I thought it was so cute too!

leilani reynolds said...

yeah my number is the same. lets get together soon!