Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ringing in 24 years of life

Every year when my birthday comes around I am always blown away by how loved and special I feel. Dj spoiled me rotten with clothes and a weekend trip, along with letting me get away with pretty much everything that day including an obnoxiously long nap. Talis gave me the amazing gift of sleeping in until eight so he defiantly killed it in the gift giving department this year (his dad taught him well). My mom told me numerous times throughout the day "happy birthday my sweet little blessing!" , hung out with me an t, and treated me to a much needed pedicure to which both me and my feet were thankful. My brother gave me a shoulder massage which I might add is asked for almost every time I see him and given to me almost never (best shoulder massages people). And not to mention the copious amounts of calls, texts, and facebook messages from friends and family all day. I couldn't have been happier with my day, spent the first part with my mom and the last part with both my boys getting free food at Joes and watching Talis happily run around the Gilbert splash pad. Life has been so good to me every single year I've been blessed to be alive and I can't wait for the next 24! (hopefully more though cause that only puts me at 48...)

Making friends with the wooden statue at Joes BBQ

Night splashing in the splash pad

Breakfast at Matt's Big Breakfast before we headed to Out of Africa 

plum tuckered out

My boys doing what they do best, melting my heart and making me the happiest girl around

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